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5 Ways Your Event Project Manager Pays Off

When it comes to conferences and conventions, there are a lot of moving parts. That’s where an event project manager can save you time and money. If you’re working with a good AV production partner, they’ll ensure you have a great event project manager to support every step. A good project manager has their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and technologies, and they’ll know how to get you the most bang for your buck.

Five Ways to Save Money

1. Venue selection:  You may be tasked with venue selection, but have you considered consulting your AV production partner on recommendations? Oftentimes, the AV production company isn’t informed until after the venue is selected. A good event project manager will know most major hotels and convention centers. They’ll be able to recommend venues that fit your budget and your event goals. They’ll also tell you which venues may be difficult to work in, if they have tricky docks, or long pushes to the event space, requiring more time and labor. If you’ve already selected your venue, they can help with scheduling to ensure staff time and resources are more efficient.

2. Supplier selection: You may be tasked with booking suppliers across several disciplines to support your live event. An excellent place to go for recommendations is your AV production partner. They will have a Rolodex of trusted suppliers. Maybe you need entertainment or decor. Or perhaps you need ideas to help drive engagement. A good project manager can call on their team to help secure additional products and services on your behalf. They’ll also be able to weed out suppliers who are likely to overcharge or under-deliver.

3. Budget management: A good event project manager will work with you to develop a detailed budget for your event and ensure that all expenses stay within that budget. They’ll have a keen eye for where money can be saved and never sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. A good event project manager will communicate any perceived changes to scope to ensure complete transparency on your budget, which changes will add value, and which changes you may want to reconsider to save money.

4. Process management: A good event project manager will create a comprehensive timeline for your event and ensure all deadlines are met. This will help to avoid costly last-minute changes and other expensive surprises. To collaboratively manage communication between the team, a cloud-based set of project management tools will improve communications and access to stakeholders.

5. Risk management: A good event project manager will identify potential risks associated with your event and implement plans to mitigate those risks. This could include everything from weather contingency plans to insurance policies. Doing so will help ensure that your event runs smoothly - and doesn’t end up costing you more than it should.

Ensure you work with great project managers and an excellent AV production company. Talk to them early and often, and you’re sure to save money.

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Since his start in 2005, Brent has been driving growth and success at ON Services with evolving responsibilities across operations, sales and marketing. Now, as Executive Vice President, he ensures that live event productions exceed client expectations. From general sessions that "wow," to breakout rooms that run smoothly and everything in between, Brent’s team delivers digital media services, audio visual technology and interactive systems that empower and engage attendees in a dynamic, immersive environment.

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