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New Product Introduction: Meyer Lina

New Rental Product Introduction

Applies To All Branches


We’re Expanding Our LEO Family of Meyer  Line array. Introducing (4) 12 LINA Speaker Line Systems  over 2 Meyer 900-LFC subs.

48 New LINA speakers and 8 new 900-LFC subs33.

First Availablity: July 19, 2019             

Typical  Application:

The LINA is a very compact , self powered line array loudspeaker that works seamlessly within the Meyer LEO family with our existing LYON and Leopard product for applications up to arenas and very large halls as fills and delays. As a stand alone system use LINA where high performance and discreet profile and weight restriction are critical considerations.


  • LINA loudspeaker measures only 20.27 inches wide and weighs 43 lbs
  • LINA uses the same 3-inch HF compression driver and new magnet structure first used in it’s sibling LEOPARD line array loudspeaker 
  • Same Class D high efficiency amplifer as the rest of the LEO family
  • LINA includes Meyer Sound’s QuickFly rigging with captive GuideALinks, which allows easy setting of splay angles from 1 to 11 degrees.
  • Evolved efficiency and performance in the old MINA footprint, LINA boasts new drivers and an updated amplifier and signal processing package that, along with an improved power supply, enables better Performance and versatility
  • Standard sub speaker with these systems is the 900-LFC





















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