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March 25, 2019 Vanessa Kelly

Pic of Single Cogz Panel

Weights and Dems: 2.7 pounds, 24” square

Tools Required: 3/16” Hex Key or Cordless Screwdriver, and Wire Cutter

Pic of Tools Required (No Pic Available)

Hardware: 4-way and 2-way Brackets with ¼-20 Socket Head Cap Screws; Tie Wire, Zip Ties, or Verlock and ¼” Shackles

Pic of Hardware (No Pic Available)

Spacing: Edge to Edge with Brackets or Separated Out

Support: Hanging with Tie Wire, Zip Ties or Verlock and ¼” Shackles

3 Pics of 3 Hanging Methods(No Pic Available)


2-4 Show Pics in Various Configurations (More Pics Needed)

Notes: Can be mixed and matched with Tetriform.

Table with Quantities of Cogz and Hardware

Table with Pricing

Please contact Chris Bowers for availability of stock Scenic items.  Cogz and hardware will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

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